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    Staff Stephen Kearney

    News is now OFFICIAL... Kearney new Vodafone Warriors head coach Richard Becht Mon 12th September, 09:22PM Vodafone Warriors managing director Jim Doyle last night confirmed long-serving Kiwi coach Stephen Kearney is returning to the club as its new head coach on a three-year deal. The...
  2. The Fall and Fall of Andrew McFadden

    The Fall and Fall of Andrew McFadden

    After three years at the helm of the New Zealand Warriors and three years of missing finals footy its time for Andrew McFadden to do the honourable thing and fall on his sword. His perplexing bench selections have boggled the minds of even longtime league fanatics. McFadden's penchant for...
  3. Cappy: Have the Fans Been too Harsh?

    Cappy: Have the Fans Been too Harsh?

    Plenty have called for his head but have those calls been warranted? Have the fans brought out the pitch forks and called for the axe to swing a little early? While a coach inevitably sinks or swims based purely on the results of the team, it's often a case where things don't always seem as...
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    Staff Andrew McFadden

    Hitman82 submitted a new Showcase Item: Andrew Mcfadden Read more about this showcase item here... Any posts about sacking Cappy and discussions about his replacement can be posted at the link below. Please dont post it here.