Mike Dorreen

  • Name:
    Mike Dorreen
    Date of Birth:
    Place of Birth:
    New Zealand
    85 kg
    • New Zealand
    Current Status:
    Painter in Christchurch
    Warriors #:
    Warriors Debut (Date and Match Details):
    7th May 1995 vs Newcastle Knights
    Signed From:
    Hawkes Bay
    • Winger
    • Centre
    Wikipedia Page:
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    Was part of the Canterbury teams that dominated domestic Rugby League in New Zealand in the 90's. Signed with the Warriors and played out the 1994 with the Hawkes Bay Lion Red Cup team.

    Only played four games with the Warriors before playing a handful of games for the Sydney Tigers and the Hunter Mariners

    • 1994 - New Zealand Residents
    • 1994 - New Zealand Kiwis
    • 1995 - Played for the Auckland Warriors, New Zealand
    • 1996 - Played for the Sydney Tigers, Australia
    • 1997 - Played for the Hunter Mariners, Australia
  • Mike Dorreen.jpg Mike Dorreen 1995 1.jpg

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