Ata Hingano

  • Name:
    Mafoa’aeata Hingano
    Date of Birth:
    Place of Birth:
    Auckland, New Zealand
    92 kg
    • New Zealand
    • Tonga
    Warriors #:
    Warriors Debut (Date and Match Details):
    20th August 2016 Round 24 vs North Queensland Cowboys
    Junior Club:
    Pakuranga Rugby League
    Signed From:
    Pakuranga Rugby League
    • Five Eighth
    • Halfback
    • Hooker
    Wikipedia Page:
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    Ata Hingano was signed to the Warriors from the Pakuranga Rugby League after being scouted for the Warriors Development team in 2013. He grew up playing in the same team as Bradley Abbey.

    Hingano played for the Holden Cup team as a 17 year old in 2014 and was 18th man when the team won the NYC Premiership that year against the Broncos.

    During the 2015 season he would play for both the Holden Cup and NSW Cup teams. Same year he was named the Warriors Rookie of the Year.

    Hingano was named as the bolter for the Warriors 2016 Auckland Nines team.

    2012 - Kiwis U16
    2013 - Warriors Development Team
    2013 - Kiwis U18
    2014 - Warriors NYC U20
    2014 - NYC U20 Grand Final winners
    2015 - Warriors NSW Cup
    2015 - Warriors Rookie of the Year
    2016 - Auckland Nines
    2016 - Warriors/NRL DEBUT
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