Jersey Info

Jersey Name
2012 Heritage Jersey
Year/s Jersey Active
  1. 2012
Jersey Type
  1. Heritage
Jersey Debut
24th March 2012 vs Gold Coast Titans
Jersey Supplier
Main Jersey Sponsor
Sleeve Sponsor
Lion Red League
Upper Back Sponsor
Lower Back Sponsor
Very Common
Canterbury of New Zealand released the exclusive Vodafone Warriors heritage jersey on the 28th February 2012 Vodafone Warriors Season Launch at SkyCity Auckland.

Te Toki Pounamu is the name specially chosen for the 2012 Heritage Jersey, literally meaning ‘The Greenstone Adze’ specifically designed with the club, supporters and players in mind.

The Pounamu (Greenstone) is renowned as a precious stone worn by many to connect to their whenua (land) and their whānau (family). The Toki (Adze) is a weapon used for both ceremonial and functional purposes. Consisting of a hard wood handle and greenstone blade attached to it, a Toki is carried by those who possess mana (standing) and kaha (strength) often qualities found in toa (warriors).

Steeped in the important foundations of whānau and whenua (family and land) the modified Māori axiom specifically altered to accompany the jersey is “Ma te whānau, ma te whenua, mate ai te toa” Which translated means ‘For land and family, the warrior will do his all’.

Colin Gibson, Canterbury of New Zealand Marketing and Sponsorship Manager said, “Canterbury of New Zealand feels very privileged to have worked with designer Dave Burke in the formation of this one-off jersey, with guidance from kaumatua and cultural advisor Luke Crawford.”

“The concept behind the design and the deeper meaning it represents for players, the club and supporters make us extremely proud to be part of the Vodafone Warriors Culture”.


OFFICIAL REPLICA - To date this has been the Warriors most successfully selling jersey with over 10,000 units being sold in this design alone.

Although its a very common jersey they dont come up for sale often with most fans choosing to keep it. Was told by the Warriors that demand for the 2012 Heritage jersey had increased with the release of the 2015 Heritage. Fans want to have both due to their similarity. Expect jerseys in the bigger sizes to go for around $150. Maybe more.

PLAYERS JERSEY - Same as the official replica but tapered and a white number on the back. Number had small pin holes on it all over. Assuming that was to improve the breathability of the jersey.

All players jerseys were given to the players, staff and sponsors. Theyre out there but dont come to market often if at all...