2009 U20 Training Grey Jersey

  • Jersey Name:
    2009 U20 Training Grey Jersey
    Year/s Jersey Active:
    • 2009
    Jersey Type:
    • U20's Training
    Jersey Debut:
    12th February 2008
    Jersey Supplier:
    Main Jersey Sponsor:
    Sleeve Sponsor:
    Allied Work Force
    Upper Back Sponsor:
    CCC and Vodafone
    Lower Back Sponsor:
    Fairly rare
    Same training jersey as the 1st Grades but with different sponsors.

    First was the different sleeve sponsor. U20's used Allied Work Force instead of Lion Red. Also Samsung was used in place of Loadlift as the lower back sponsor.

    As far asIm aware there was never a black version for the U20 like there was for the top side.

    PLAYERS JERSEY - These were the only jerseys available and werent offered for retail sale.

    Most are still in use now and are used during training and the open trials. They were even taken to Samoa in 2013 when the Warriors went over to do a coaching clinic.

    Most will be in well used condition but with them so hard to get you should still get a good price around $150...
  • 2009 U20 Training match worn front.jpg 2009 U20 Training match worn rear.jpg 205724_525372040840527_1650436597_n.jpg 540758_524953657549032_1219314060_n.jpg trial-01013_1.jpg trial-01026_1.jpg trial-01030_1.jpg trial-01031_1.jpg warriors_fct374x230x29_t460.jpg

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