2007 Training Black Jersey

  • Jersey Name:
    2007 Training Black Jersey
    Year/s Jersey Active:
    • 2007
    Jersey Type:
    • Training
    Jersey Debut:
    2007 Preseason
    Jersey Supplier:
    Main Jersey Sponsor:
    Sleeve Sponsor:
    Lion Red Beer
    Upper Back Sponsor:
    Lower Back Sponsor:
    Very rare
    Puma again released a jersey for team issue only. Wasnt sold to the public. Made in both black and grey so they could be worn during opposed training sessions.

    PLAYERS JERSEYS - Only type available. There would be some 30-50 of each colour floating around with former players, staff or their families.

    Only ever seen one besides training photos. That one was brought online and the seller was a family member of a former player. I believe the 2008 Centennial ticket at the bottom has been added later...
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