1997 Special Jersey

  • Jersey Name:
    1997 Special Jersey
    Year/s Jersey Active:
    • 1997
    Jersey Type:
    • Special
    Jersey Debut:
    19th April 1997 vs Canterbury Bulldogs
    Jersey Supplier:
    Main Jersey Sponsor:
    DB Bitter
    Sleeve Sponsor:
    DB Bitter
    Upper Back Sponsor:
    DB Bitter
    Almost Non-Existent!
    This jersey was worn Round 8 against the Bulldogs. As far as I know it was worn only once. Never sold to the general public. Only player issue.

    This jersey is about as rare as any of the rarest Warriors jerseys. I didnt even know this jersey existed until I chance on some match photos. I have been searching for this jersey for about 15 years and only know of one in existence. That jersey was given to a collector by a former Warriors player.
  • 1997 Round 8 vs Bulldogs.jpg 1997 Round 8 vs Bulldogs1.jpg 1997 Round 8 vs Bulldogs2.jpg 1997 Special.jpg

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