Warriors Numbers

An updated list of all NZ Warriors players who have played for the club, and their Warriors #. Note - This page is currently under construction.
IDWarriorWarrior #
Mitchell Barnett Mitchell Barnett
Jackson Ford Jackson Ford
Brayden Wiliame Brayden Wiliame
Te Maire Martin Te Maire Martin
Marata Niukore Marata Niukore
Dylan Walker Dylan Walker
Luke Metcalf Luke Metcalf
Dean Bell Dean Bell 1
Phil Blake Phil Blake 2
Sean Hoppe Sean Hoppe 3
Manoa Thompson Manoa Thompson 4
Whetu Taewa Whetu Taewa 5
Gene Ngamu Gene Ngamu 6
Greg Alexander Greg Alexander 7
Gavin Hill Gavin Hill 8
Duane Mann Duane Mann 9
Hitro Okesene Hitro Okesene 10
Stephen Kearney Stephen Kearney 11
Tony Tatupu Tony Tatupu 12
Tony Tuimavave Tony Tuimavave 13
Se'e Solomona Se'e Solomona 14
Tea Ropati Tea Ropati 15
Jason Mackie Jason Mackie 16
Martin Moana Martin Moana 17
Joe Vagana Joe Vagana 18
Syd Eru Syd Eru 19
Willie Poching Willie Poching 20
Logan Edwards Logan Edwards 21
John Kirwan John Kirwan 22
Andy Platt Andy Platt 23
Stacey Jones Stacey Jones 24
Mike Dorreen Mike Dorreen 25
Richie Blackmore Richie Blackmore 26
Frano Botica Frano Botica 27
Denis Betts Denis Betts 28
Marc Ellis Marc Ellis 29
Mark Horo Mark Horo 30
Mark Carter Mark Carter 31
Nigel Vagana Nigel Vagana 32
Awen Guttenbeil Awen Guttenbeil 33
Doc Murray Doc Murray 34
Iva Ropati Iva Ropati 35
Anthony Swann Anthony Swann 36
Brady Malam Brady Malam 37
Bryan Henare Bryan Henare 38
Aaron Lester Aaron Lester 39
Matthew Ridge Matthew Ridge 40
Grant Young Grant Young 41
Logan Swann Logan Swann 42
Steve Buckingham Steve Buckingham 43
Shane Endacott Shane Endacott 44
Paul Staladi Paul Staladi 45
Meti Noovao Meti Noovao 46
Lee Oudenryn Lee Oudenryn 47
Aaron Whittaker Aaron Whittaker 48
David Bailey David Bailey 49
Jerry Seuseu Jerry Seuseu 50
Kevin Iro Kevin Iro 51
Quentin Pongia Quentin Pongia 52
Tyran Smith Tyran Smith 53
Zane Clark Zane Clark 54
Ali Lauitiiti Ali Lauitiiti 55
Joe Galuvao Joe Galuvao 56
Frank Watene Frank Watene 57
Odell Manuel Odell Manuel 58
Jason Death Jason Death 59
Terry Hermansson Terry Hermansson 60
Monty Betham Monty Betham 61
Cliff Beverley Cliff Beverley 62
Peter Lewis Peter Lewis 63
Wairangi Koopu Wairangi Koopu 64
Francis Meli Francis Meli 65
Clinton Toopi Clinton Toopi 66
Carl Doherty Carl Doherty 67
Robbie Mears Robbie Mears 68
John Simon John Simon 69
Boycie Nelson Boycie Nelson 70
Talite Liava'a Talite Liava'a 71
Scott Pethybridge Scott Pethybridge 72
Ivan Cleary Ivan Cleary 73
Matt Spence Matt Spence 74
Scott Coxon Scott Coxon 75
Mark Tookey Mark Tookey 76
David Myles David Myles 77
Paul Whatuira Paul Whatuira 78
Ben Lythe Ben Lythe 79
Shontayne Hape Shontayne Hape 80
Henry Fa'afili Henry Fa'afili 81
Jason Bell Jason Bell 82
David Mulhall David Mulhall 83
Jonathan Smith Jonathan Smith 84
Henry Perenara Henry Perenara 85
Kevin Campion Kevin Campion 86
Richard Villasanti Richard Villasanti 87
Justin Morgan Justin Morgan 88
Jason Temu Jason Temu 89
Motu Tony Motu Tony 90
Nathan Wood Nathan Wood 91
Justin Murphy Justin Murphy 92
Iafeta Paleaaesina Iafeta Paleaaesina 93
Anthony Seuseu Anthony Seuseu 94
John Carlaw John Carlaw 95
PJ Marsh PJ Marsh 96
Brent Webb Brent Webb 97
Sione Faumuina Sione Faumuina 98
Lance Hohaia Lance Hohaia 99
Vinnie Anderson Vinnie Anderson 100
Jeremiah Pai Jeremiah Pai 101
Evarn Tuimavave Evarn Tuimavave 102
Karl Temata Karl Temata 103
Mark Robinson Mark Robinson 104
Thomas Leuluai Thomas Leuluai 105
Thomas Leuluai Thomas Leuluai 105
Vince Mellars Vince Mellars 106
Tevita Latu Tevita Latu 107
Jerome Ropati Jerome Ropati 108
Jerome Ropati Jerome Ropati 108
Tony Martin Tony Martin 109
Epalahame Lauaki Epalahame Lauaki 110
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan 111
Louis Anderson Louis Anderson 112
Matt Jobson Matt Jobson 113
Paul Dezolt Paul Dezolt 114
Manu Vatuvei Manu Vatuvei 115
Shannon Stowers Shannon Stowers 116
Herewini Rangi Herewini Rangi 117
Cooper Vuna Cooper Vuna 118
Kane Ferris Kane Ferris 119
Paul Atkins Paul Atkins 120
Steve Price Steve Price 121
Todd Byrne Todd Byrne 122
Ruben Wiki Ruben Wiki 123
Nathan Fien Nathan Fien 124
Simon Mannering Simon Mannering 125
Micheal Luck Micheal Luck 126
Grant Rovelli Grant Rovelli 127
George Gatis George Gatis 128
Patrick Ah Van Patrick Ah Van 129
Misi Taulapapa Misi Taulapapa 130
Sam Rapira Sam Rapira 131
Wade McKinnon Wade McKinnon 132
Michael Crockett Michael Crockett 133
Michael Witt Michael Witt 134
Corey Lawrie Corey Lawrie 135
Aidan Kirk Aidan Kirk 136
Brent Tate Brent Tate 137
Ian Henderson Ian Henderson 138
Sonny Fai Sonny Fai 139
Ryan Shortland Ryan Shortland 140
Russell Packer Russell Packer 141
Ben Matulino Ben Matulino 142
Malo Solomona Malo Solomona 143
Denan Kemp Denan Kemp 144
Joel Moon Joel Moon 145
Jacob Lillyman Jacob Lillyman 146
Leeson Ah Mau Leeson Ah Mau 147
Jesse Royal Jesse Royal 148
Ukuma Ta'ai Ukuma Ta'ai 149
Daniel O'Regan Daniel O'Regan 150
Lewis Brown Lewis Brown 151
Kevin Locke Kevin Locke 152
Aaron Heremaia Aaron Heremaia 153
Isaac John Isaac John 154
Siuatonga Likiliki Siuatonga Likiliki 155
James Maloney James Maloney 156
Brett Seymour Brett Seymour 157
Jeremy Latimore Jeremy Latimore 158
Sione Lousi Sione Lousi 159
Bill Tupou Bill Tupou 160
Mataupu Poching Mataupu Poching 161
Alehana Mara Alehana Mara 162
Glen Fisiiahi Glen Fisiiahi 163
Feleti Mateo Feleti Mateo 164
Shaun Berrigan Shaun Berrigan 165
Krisnan Inu Krisnan Inu 166
Elijah Taylor Elijah Taylor 167
Shaun Johnson Shaun Johnson 168
Steve Rapira Steve Rapira 169
Pita Godinet Pita Godinet 170
Ben Henry Ben Henry 171
Nathan Friend Nathan Friend 172
Konrad Hurrell Konrad Hurrell 173
Omar Slaimankhel Omar Slaimankhel 174
Sam Lousi Sam Lousi 175
Sebastine Ikahihifo Sebastine Ikahihifo 176
Carlos Tuimavave Carlos Tuimavave 177
Dane Nielsen Dane Nielsen 178
Todd Lowrie Todd Lowrie 179
Ngani Laumape Ngani Laumape 180
Suaia Matagi Suaia Matagi 181
Dominique Peyroux Dominique Peyroux 182
Charlie Gubb Charlie Gubb 183
Sio Siua Taukeiaho Sio Siua Taukeiaho 184
Sam Tomkins Sam Tomkins 185
Chad Townsend Chad Townsend 186
Jayson Bukuya Jayson Bukuya 187
John Palavi John Palavi 188
David Fusitua David Fusitua 189
Siliva Havili Siliva Havili 190
Agnatius Paasi Agnatius Paasi 191
Tuimoala Lolohea Tuimoala Lolohea 192
Solomone Kata Solomone Kata 193
Bodene Thompson Bodene Thompson 194
Ryan Hoffman Ryan Hoffman 195
Sam Lisone Sam Lisone 196
Albert Vete Albert Vete 197
Jonathan Wright Jonathan Wright 198
Matthew Allwood Matthew Allwood 199
Raymond Faitala-Mariner Raymond Faitala-Mariner 200
Ken Maumalo Ken Maumalo 201
Mason Lino Mason Lino 202
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 203
Blake Ayshford Blake Ayshford 204
Jeff Robson Jeff Robson 205
Issac Luke Issac Luke 206
Nathaniel Roache Nathaniel Roache 207
James Gavet James Gavet 208
Jazz Tevaga Jazz Tevaga 209
Ligi Sao Ligi Sao 210
Toafofoa Sipley Toafofoa Sipley 212
Shaun Lane Shaun Lane 212
Bunty Afoa Bunty Afoa 213
Ata Hingano Ata Hingano 214
Isaiah Papalii Isaiah Papalii 215
Erin Clark Erin Clark 216
Kieran Foran Kieran Foran 217
Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad 218
Chris Satae Chris Satae 219
James Bell James Bell 220
Peta Hiku Peta Hiku 221
Blake Green Blake Green 222
Tohu Harris Tohu Harris 224
Sam Cook Sam Cook 225
Leivaha Pulu Leivaha Pulu 226
Anthony Gelling Anthony Gelling 227
Joseph Vuna Joseph Vuna 228
Karl Lawton Karl Lawton 229
Gerard Beale Gerard Beale 230
Adam Keighran Adam Keighran 231
Lachlan Burr Lachlan Burr 232
Chanel Harris-Tavita Chanel Harris-Tavita 233
Patrick Herbert Patrick Herbert 234
Hayze Perham Hayze Perham 235
Kodi Nikorima Kodi Nikorima 236
Adam Wetere Pompey Adam Wetere Pompey 237
Josh Curran Josh Curran 238
Taane Milne Taane Milne 239
Wayde Egan Wayde Egan 240
Eliesa Katoa Eliesa Katoa 241
Jamayne Tonua-Brown Jamayne Tonua-Brown 242
King Vuniyayawa King Vuniyayawa 243
Jack Murchie Jack Murchie 244
Poasa Faamausili Poasa Faamausili 245
Jack Hetherington Jack Hetherington 246
George Jennings George Jennings 247
Daniel Alvarro Daniel Alvarro 248
Paul Turner Paul Turner 249
Thomas Ale Thomas Ale 250
Euan Aitken Euan Aitken 251
Addin Fonua-Blake Addin Fonua-Blake 252
Ben Murdoch-Masila Ben Murdoch-Masila 253
Bayley Sironen Bayley Sironen 254
Sean O'Sullivan Sean O'Sullivan 255
Marcelo Montoya Marcelo Montoya 256
Kane Evans Kane Evans 257
Rocco Berry Rocco Berry 258
Reece Walsh Reece Walsh 259
Edward Kosi Edward Kosi 260
Taniela Otukolo Taniela Otukolo 261
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 262
Matt Lodge Matt Lodge 263
Viliami Vailea Viliami Vailea 264
Jackson Frei Jackson Frei 265
Aaron Pene Aaron Pene 266
Jesse Arthars Jesse Arthars 267
Ashley Taylor Ashley Taylor 268
Daejarn Asi Daejarn Asi 269
Freddy Lussick Freddy Lussick 270
Dunamis Lui Dunamis Lui 271
Ronald Volkman Ronald Volkman 272
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