Kidwell won’t seek reappointment

    David Kidwell will not re-apply for the Kiwis’ head coaching job.

    “The tough lessons are the ones you learn the most from – and I’ve had a lifetime’s worth of tough
    lessons over the past year or so,” Kidwell said.

    “With the shakeup of the Kiwis’ set up, that is bound to follow from the review of our World Cup
    campaign, if I were to continue as coach I’m sure I would be better positioned to make a positive
    contribution to the success of the team going forward.

    “I believe the review of our World Cup campaign has been fair. I was given a good hearing by the
    panel and while the report identifies my shortcomings, it also highlights many of the things I did
    well. I’m in no doubt I’ll be a stronger and better coach, taking on board the panel’s comments.

    “Most importantly, from my point of view, the review didn’t come down with a recommendation
    that I didn’t deserve another chance.

    “However, someone has to shoulder responsibility for the failure of our campaign. I’m putting my
    hand up to acknowledge accountability, so our game can move forward.

    “The other consideration for me is that it’s obvious if I were to apply for the job and get it, the
    controversy that would blow up would be a huge distraction from the task of building a Kiwis side
    that can once again be a true contender on the international stage.

    “I wish my successor all the very best.”

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